SkylabInnovation Platform

The SkyLab platform is made available utilizing and integrating numerous existing IT enablers like Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Cognitive and Machine Learning

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Key Components

Our SkyLab platform delivers integrated horizontal platform for rapid prototyping of new applications.

Layer 0

Device/Sensors/Wearable enablement & Managed Services.

Layer 1

IoT PaaS Platform.

Layer 2

Machine Data Analytics.

Layer 3

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.

Layer 4

Business Experience Layer.

Visual Representation

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Basic Architecture

Skylab Portal (IoT Prototyping Platform & Market Place) with Dynamic IoT Recipes
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Bluemix CoE

An end to end center of excellence Portfolio ‐ Conceive, Transform & Implement.
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CoE Need Assessment

  • Evaluate IoT maturity
  • Business needs
  • Technology needs
  • Recommend a roadmap

CoE Drivers

  • CoE requirements
  • Roles
  • Business IT stakeholders
  • Processes

Optimization Services

Establish teams to continually optimize CoE and manage projects effectively & efficiently.

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